BTS- Fall Shoot

BTS- Fall Shoot


It's no secret I love myself a photoshoot!! One of the most surreal experiences with starting Mia Eliza was planning and executing this shoot! These dresses have been my entire world the last 6 months, and every day I dreamed about the moment we could shoot them! I knew that I wanted to have the shoot in the desert and I wanted my models to be gorgeous everyday women! If timing and samples aligned I would have loved to have all 4 of my insanely beautiful sisters model for me- but my replacement sisters KILLED it. These girls are family, friends, and the some of the best support through this whole process! 

To the left- you have Lizzy; my saving grace in life! I met Lizzy while on my 18 month mission for my church. We instantly become best friends and I cannot imagine my life without her! She is the definition of beauty inside and out. I will be forever grateful to have her in my life! 

Next to her is Audrey. Audrey is best friends to my sister Lydia, and I have known her ever since she was 10! She has grown to be such a beautiful women and never fails to make you laugh just when you need it! And can we talk about her hair?? TO DIE FOR. 

Next to me in the Phoebe Dress is Kaitlyn! Kaitlyn was one of my first friends when I moved back to Mesa, and she really took me under her wing. She radiates light- and is truly a friend for everyone around her. She is one of the most photogenic people i know. It isn't even fair! 

The last girl at the end is my gorgeous cousin Olive! I will forever be jealous about the fact that she is 14 years old and is THAT stunning! Olive has one of the biggest hearts and I look up to her in everything! She also is my style icon haha. 

Here are some fun BTS pics of the shoot! I've been running/planning/styling/organizing shoots since I was 18 and it was so hard for me not to take full control while having to model; but shoutout to my amazing stepmom, Elizabeth, for killing her 1st time assisting job! And a BIG shoutout to my models who made the dresses look insane! And another big shoutout to my amazing photographer Kendyl Hawkins for making all my shoot dreams come true!

Who doesn't love being outside in 110 degree weather in fall dresses? (;

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